Recently Updated: Android Studio and GitHub Integration

We are FTC team #11117 Autonomice of Spartan Robotics. We are a high school team affiliated with Saint Paul Academy and Summit School, a small private school in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our primary expertise is in coding and 3D printing, though we strive for compatibility and all-around strength in our design. We also deeply value the FIRST motto of gracious professionalism. Our 3D printed designs and tutorials are all available in the Resources tab in the top-right corner. This is our fourth year in FTC, and we are excited for what the future holds.

We have participated in many FTC tournaments since our team began and have won the Rockwell Collins award every year since our inception. We have also gone to the FTC Minnesota state tournament twice and our most ambitious goal would be to goal to worlds. Our team hopes to go beyond our class, which ends in December. We can compete at a high level and we hope to display that at both qualifiers and league play this year.