Meet the Team

Noel Abraham

My name is Noel Abraham and I am a sophomore at St. Paul Academy. This is my second year in FTC. I am a coder, driver, and builder on team 11117. I am continuing what I did last year but expanding my expertise to include building and tele-op coding versus solely autonomous coding. I am proud of doing all of the tele-op code outside of the drivetrain. My favorite memory of the season was when I had to code our entire tele-op code for the arm in 40 minutes before a scrimmage, which included 4 servos and a DC. I was very stressed but I managed to get the code done. Outside of FTC, I play soccer, tennis, and also dance.

Miranda Bance

My name’s Miranda. I’m a sophomore, and this is my second year on the team. I did FLL in elementary school, and now I’m doing FTC in high school. I specialize in wiring, and I also assist with the engineering notebook, business, and competition-related matters. My favorite moments on the team have come from times when I didn’t know if something I had planned would work, but it did. Outside of robotics, I play tennis, do tech work for our school’s plays and musicals, and learn Japanese.

Evan Barnes

My name is Evan Barnes and I am a Junior in high school. I joined robotics because I had finished all the computer science classes offered by my school and wished to continue learning in the computer science field. I am new to robotics this year but I have had extensive experience in the computer science field, specifically in the programming aspect of robotics. The most memorable experience for me so far was watching my computer vision work for the first time and show me just the colors i need. I am one of the coders and I focus on computer vision. Outside of robotics I do tech for the theater and tennis.

Stevie Frisch

My name is Stevie Frisch, and I am a junior. I joined robotics because I was interested in computer science and engineering. I thought that robotics might be interesting to try, and this year I finally found time to do robotics. I’ve never done robotics before, so this is something new that I’m sure I’ll like. Although I came to robotics wanting to learn to code, I ended up on the build team and decided to save coding for later. So far, my most memorable experience has been when we examined team 12660’s arm and found a lot of stripped screws. We had to drill them out but had a pretty fun time doing it. I’ve been working on our intake system, and I’m proud of the rubber band system because it worked exactly as I planned it to. I also enjoy video game strategy because it makes me think.

Hayden Graff

I’m Hayden, I am 16 years old and am a sophomore. I joined our school’s robotics team because I love to design and build things. I did FLL for 2 years as “The Duplo Squad” before starting FTC last year. My most memorable experience on the team this year was when I helped a middle schooler, Rishi, with slicing using Cura. My main role on the team is a builder and cad expert/3D printing. The thing I built that I am most proud of is building is the “Wonder Arm.” I obviously didn’t build the whole thing but the first prototype and basic idea was developed by me. Outside of school I love to build and tinker. I have a light show that I do for the holidays as well.

John Hall

My name is John Hall and I am a Sophomore in high school at St. Paul Academy. This is my second year participating in the FTC competition at SPA and I had done FLL for three years before that. I have always liked doing robotics and this year I continue to do so. My most memorable moment so far this year would have to be when we finished assembling all of the major parts on the robot before a scrimmage, and then having about 10 set screws not tightened because we were in a rush. I am team 11117’s build captain and I am particularly proud of our intake arm system because the whole build team worked very hard on it and it was great to see it all come together. Outside of robotics I enjoy playing soccer, ultimate frisbee, doing photography and filmmaking, and playing with my dog.

Arjay Jacobs

I am Arjay and I have two years of robotics experience. I am in 9th grade and have done First Lego League for the past two years. I joined robotics because I really enjoyed robotics the last to years and really wanted to try First Technology Challenge. My most significant contribution is many hours helping work on almost every part of the robot. My most memorable experience so far has been the weekend work hours which are very fun. Outside of robotics, my hobbies include, video games, building things, and baseball.

Gabriel Konar-Steenberg

I’m Gabriel and I’m a high school senior. I joined an FLL team in elementary school, and I’ve been involved with team 11117 since before it even existed, working with Michaela to start the team. I’m our team’s code captain, and I also help lead our whole team in general. The most memorable experience I’ve had with the team is making it to state in our very first season, and now I want to go beyond state. I’m particularly proud of HOMAR, the FTC code library whose creation and publishing I led. Beyond robotics, I am passionate about the intersections between computer science and environmental science, philosophy, and society. I enjoy fencing and being outside. I live with four cats, four humans, one dog, and a number of robots.

Lyle Menard

My name is Lyle , and I am in my sophomore year of high school. I joined robotics in order to have something to do after school and to pursue my interest in programming and technology. Although this is my first year doing robotics, I took an advanced programming course in Java during my freshman year. This translated to my role as a programmer for our robotics team, where we use Java as the primary programming language. My favorite memory from being a member of the team so far is from when we finally got our object recognition code to work, and it is also the thing that I am the most proud of. Besides robotics, I also enjoy programming or playing video games.

Michaela Polley

My name is Michaela and I am a senior in high school. I decided to join FTC because I had done FLL for two years before and had aged out. FTC was the next step on my robotics journey. This is my third year on the FTC team. I have been on Team 11117 and Team 12660. My most memorable experience on the team so far has been seeing the mecanum drive train working for the first time. I am the outreach captain and the notebook manager for the team. I am particularly proud of the outreach we have done this year. Outside of robotics I enjoy swimming and participating in math team.

Will Sedo

My name is Will Sedo, and I am a freshman. This is my first year doing FTC, but previously I have been on a FLL team for three years. I am primarily working on the building side of our robot. One thing I’ve been focusing on is making rack for our rack and pinion lifting system out of aluminum on our school’s CNC. Robotics has been a really good way for me to work on bettering my design and engineering think skills. I have been working a lot for our team with the CNC machine and other parts making. Besides robotics, I play piano and am on the Alpine Ski team.